Splashdiving and his reference work. Find out what makes Splashdiving so fascinating.

The international term SPLASHDIVING includes all freestyle dives carried out from a diving platform. Similar to sports like Snowboarding, the divers have the possibility to create their own freestyle elements while performing the dive.
How does SPLASHDIVING work?
SPLASHDIVING is to be seen as a community for girls, boys and especially freaks that have lots of fun at diving and this with freestyle. They meet at swimming-pools or at other odd places to have fun and just do their freestyle diving.

SPLASHDIVING consists of different elements: 





Each element promises loads of fun!


Is SPLASHDIVING a new sport for the Olympic Games?
Certainly: what SPLASHDIVING athletes show on top of that diving platform is made for a great sports competition like the Olympic Games…but, let’s get real: do we really want to be part of the Olympic Games? Maybe for a freestyle show, but…SPLASHDIVING would fit better to the X-Games or World Games. In the End: We will see and have fun. Thats important for us.

Therefore, SPLASHDIVING can be divided into two parts:


Which elements are necessary to be a good Splash Diver:

Your typical Splash Diver feels an affinity with the sport, due to its similarities to the sport they practised prior to SPLASH DIVING. Trampoline gymnasts, snow and skateboarders and even from popular sports such as gymnastics or soccer,  all find their way to SPLASH DIVING.
In the beginning the average age of a diver was +- 15 years. Today there is a much broader age grouping in the Sport.

Initially, Splash Divers were seen as ” freaks” and they had a “bad reputation”. Today Splash Divers are liked wherever they go.

A Splash Diver is physically fit and tends to be a confident extrovert. They love showing off.  They are a positive thinking species and usually have a high level of creativity and education. This sport requires constant training for perfection.
They have a lot of courage; they know no fear. They are totally aware of their own bodies. They don’t have the safety of a cockpit, a seat belt, an airbag – they only have their Bermuda shorts.

Having fun is top priority and far outweighs any pain. A Splash Diver lives to his full potential and personal limit and is part of a group of athletes that call themselves SPLASH DIVERS.

What is a  SPLASHDOWN?

SPLASHDIVING officially consists of 13 different Splash downs. These are the Ripper, Anchor, Chair, Cannonball, Open Cannonball, Cannonball Yogi, Small Cat, Big Cat, Brauni, Board, Open Board, Potato and open L-Vis.

Additional Splash downs can be included – new moves are continually tested and these are then officially accepted into the Sport.


What makes a good Splash down?
Here the whole sport becomes somewhat scientific: the degree and positioning of the body in relation to the water surface is crucial. We speak of SPLASH DIVING as a primary and a secondary water fountain. It is important to know that a diver cannot affect the secondary water column,only the primary fountain.
The secondary water fountain arises while the diver is still underwater. The height and width of the secondary fountain depends on the area that the diver covers and the speed with which he hits the water.A good Splash down delights the judges and the spectators – this is indicated by the murmurs of appreciation that go through the crowds.

TIP: It is important that you prepare yourself well for the Splash down.
We recommend that you practise your first Splash downs from the edge of the pool, or starting from a  1-meter springboard. Repeat the Splashdown again and again until your body has become accustomed to the impact. Practice this for several weeks and only then go to 3 meters or higher.

The human body becomes accustomed to everything.

What Kind of competition are available?
The first water based competiton in history is around 1700 AD. and took place in Hawaii.
The competitive sport SPLASHDIVING was developed in 2004 by Oliver Schill and has been adapted to the present day.

Today, SPLASHDIVING consists of a competition with a scoring system. The competitions are held in swim baths in cities up and down the country. The various forms of competitions are listed below:

SPLASHDIVING LOCAL HERO CUP (competition in your city)

SPLASHDIVING COUNTRY CUP (competition in your country)

SPLASHDIVING CONTINENTAL CUP (competition on your continent)

SPLASHDIVING WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP (competition of the world’s elite)

The rating system is easy to understand. The ratings goes from 0-10. A zero means your jump is null and void.  A score of 10 is handed out by the judge if an athlete’s performance was by the book.

There is a lot to consider in competitions.

You enter into SPLASHDIVING competition at your own risk. If you are under 18, you need permission from your parents. We are legally obliged to obtain a risk and liability statement from you. The risk in this sport as absolutly minimum.

Prepare yourselves very well before each competition.

SPLASHDIVNG has a set of rules that are easy to understand. These rules apply to all competitions. SPLASHDIVING WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP consists of the full range of rules, whilst SPLASHDIVING LOCAL HERO CUP place emphasis on the basic rules.

Competition sign up
The scoring system awards 0-10 points. For more details, see scoring system on this site. Register your jumps on the score sheet. At major competitions you can find on our home page a registration form that you can easily fill out online.

The jump
You will be called by the head judge when its you turn to jump. After the whistle you have 30 seconds to perform your jump. Most athletes jump immediately after the whistle.
After the jump the head judge will blow his whistle again.

Head Judge
At every competition there is a head judge who checks for irregularities.
The head judge blows his whistle before and after every jump. He then awards the judges points .
The best feature of a head judge, is his focus on every detail of the jump. The judges evaluate the jump.
Another important feature is the video footage. The judges and the head judge may order a video inspection before scoring. This playsan important role in judging. As an example the jump “Knight” is so fast that the judges often has difficulty distinguishing between 5.5 and 6.5 screw.  This example shows how extreme the sport SPLASHDIVING can be. Even the diver need to be convinced by the video.
The judges have their position on the edge of the pool and give you the points for your jump. These are then recorded and tallied by the protocol.
The referees subjectivly evaluate your jump.

Competition log
Here ends your registration – in the so-called “accreditation”. Your name and your jumps are recorded in the score sheet.
After you jumped in the competition, the judges award the points. The results are typed into the computer. The “SPLASHDIVING Software” calculates.
After each competition the results are announced.

Dress Code
Swimwear must be worn, otherwise the head judge will impose an zero.

Order of athletes
The strongest athletes always preform their jumps last.

Behavior of athletes
Splash Divers have a strong sense of fair play when it comes to dealing with fellow divers and the competition organization.
Additional rules for SPLASHDIVING WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP apply. Inform yourself in advance when it comes to the details of the various competition. Remember that fairness comes first.
One head judge and six judges are used in SPLASHDIVING WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS.

The judges are always impartial, and the ratings of the head judge is always subjective.

SPLASHDIVING WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS consists of one head judge and 6 judges. Other Events like SPLASHDIVING LOCAL HERO CUP etc. have different rules.

All Events are regulated in the same way. The only variation is using four judges, where one judges also takes over the function of head judge.

The judges is always impartial, even though the scoring of the superior jury are always subjective in nature. Fairness is what the competitions are all about.
At the end of the day, disqualifications happen less often when you have impartial judges.

They give bedwin 0,00 – 10 Points for each dive. 10 Points is a perfect dive. 0 Points are a very bad dive!

Hello, Mr. German coach”.
This is how the ZDF TV moderator welcomed the German coach Florian Spiske. His task is not only to give interviews on camera but also to make every little detail of the event run as smoothly as possible.

The SPLASHDIVING national coach directs and leads the SPLASHDIVING national team. Its task is to spot new talent and lead his team. He prepares his squad before the competitions and performs media appointments.

The coach creates individual training concepts for its athletes and works with the team on the tactics for the SPLASHDIVING WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP.

It is the elite of the SPLASH DIVERS!

These are the tough guys among us. Toned and fit as a fiddle!

A team of 6 divers per Country. In each country, however, the size of national SPLASHDIVING team can vary.

The SPLASHDIVING national team is run by the SPLASHDIVING national coach in each country. The athletes will receive training in order to participate in SPLASHDIVING SHOWS.

The criteria for inclusion in the national squad are governed by the regulations of each country.

Please inform your self through your SPLASHDIVING Country Manager or the SPLASHDIVING national coach regarding the rules.

For example: Five and a half twists in a 10 meter Cannonball.

What does this mean mathematically?

From a 10 meter tower, the athlete is in the air approx. 1.7 seconds from take off. Divide the number of twists by time, it quickly becomes clear, laws of gravity are touched upon here. In this example, the twist speed is approximately 1200 degrees per second!

SPLASHDIVING is so interesting, not only because of the skillful Splashdown at the end of the jump, but also the beauty of the acrobatics. It is the incredible speed and the number of combinations of the Splashdown, which makes the sport so awesome and unique. The multi-faceted freestyle elements are what attract audiences to SPLASHDIVING.

We had no idea from the start of SPLASHDIVING how this sport was going to develope. A double somersault with a twist was not yet a sensation at the 2004 Splashdiving Championship. Today, multiple Altos and twists are a feature of the sport and have become commonplace in SPLASHDIVING.
It is the jumps, with set acrobatic freestyle elements, which make the whole thing so fascinating.

Join a strong team with a competent trainier that is willing to teach you all the skills so that you can grow into an outstanding athlete.

Set yourselfs acrobatic goals. Invent your own jumpstyle. Stay creative and make the impossible possible. Don’t forget that every top Splash Diver starts out small.
These top athletes show off their jumps:
Their abilities is based on a continuous and time-consuming dedication and hard work.

Dealing with the fears of performing. We all have them and still do. Practise new and creative jumps with your coach.

Never give up on the dream.
Worth it.
Work with fear.
This work pays off in your daily life!

The potential risk of injury is minimal in a sport that consits of a broad spectrum of jumps, at various types of pools, special stunts from helicopters or cranes by professional divers etc..
A health and safety assesment is carried out, with the aim to keep accidents and injuries as low as possible. We at PLASHDIVING work with a LEADER & FOLLOWER PRINCIPLE.

The function of LEADER and FOLLOWER
Leaders are always the most experienced in a team. Followers have less experience and therefor need the guidance of a experienced leader. The “LEADERS” can better assess any given situation and knows the sport inside out.

It is always easy to identify an experienced diver. If you’re completely new to the sport and do not know what to do, look around for the nearest LEADER next to you.

The LEADER always keeps a keen eye on the tour, the training and the conditions. A LEADER is usually first aid trained and always carries a mobile phone when outdoors.

Let us know how you feel. It is important that you familiarize yourself with other divers at the events.
Valid reasons why FOLLOWERS are so very important.

Be watchful!

It is necessary to do continuous training in SPLASHDIVING.  Every aspect needs to be trained: The Splashdowns, the acrobatics and the concentration. Become a master of all these challenges!

We at SPLASHDIVING offer many coaching opportunities by good trainers. Get in touch with us and we’ll find a SPLASHDIVING coach for you.

We beleive in achievable goals. Work with a routine that suits the sport.
We recommend for a good workout, the proportion 60:40. That means that 60% of the training can be “out of pool” training and 40%  “in pool” training. With this ratio, the first approach for a training schedule is fixed.

In Germany there is a national team in SPLASHDIVING these are the top Splash Divers in a country. You too could be part of this group in your country. Learn from the best, by going to the pros.  Tell them, where your fitness level is at, and what you expect.
Each SPLASHDIVING competition and each SPLASHDIVING event can also be seen as an exercise.
Each Splash Diver confirm that:
The events are meant to improve the athletes performance.

Use your time wisely come down to your local pool, join your mates and take part in something great.

You can SPLASH ALL OVER THE PLACE. In the UK for example there exists 2300 private health Clubs, 2000 public leisure centres and 90 swiming centres all attracting over 26 million visitors a year.

In Germany, they have an impressive 110 swim baths facilities with 10 meter diving towers.
Generally one can say that outdoor diving in the Mediterranean region of Europe takes place from bridges, into the sea and into harbors. There are small variations in the way rules are interpreted in each country and swim bath.

Please remember, keep yourself informed online about local customs and rules.

Indoor swimming pools
There are several enormous advantage of using an indoor swimming pool, espeally when it comes to the weather conditions.

Sure it can hurt when you do a Splashdown. But wait a minute!

Ask yourself  if you really feel pain. Maybe it’s not a pain, more like a burning sensation. Should you nevertheless find that during and after the impact with the water surface you experience pain, then you can contact the first aiders that are always present at pool side of any Event

The pain is dependent on so many factors: personal individual pain threshold, psyche, time of day, body temperature, viscosity of the water surface, gender, affected area, repetition of pain, etc.
Find out what type of pain you can take and your individual pain threshold. This allows you to roll with the pain and feel better about yourself.

An important factor is actually the viscosity of the water in which you jump. The viscosity plays an important role in the displacement of water. The colder the water, the higher the deceleration forces on impact of your body on the water. This changes the pressure and sheer stress at the start and at the end of a Splashdown in relation to the physical state of the water and skin surface.

Our recommendation can be found under the section precautions!

In this section you can find a collection of important points within Splashdiving.

Here are the main points summarized:

The warmer the water , the less pain experienced.
Never jump into frozen water. This can backfire and you could die in the process. Therefore NEVER jump into frozen water, the viscosity is very high.

Your physical state is all important. If you are cold and your body is frozen, NEVER partake in SPLASHDIVING . The risk of injury is too high and and can sprain or tear muscle fibers. Take time to properly warm your body up, until you sweat.

If practising outdoors at bridges, lakes or at sea you should as a  Splashdiver prepare very well. Bring ropes and shovel as essential equipment. A first aider must be present in case of any accidents.

It is extremely dangerous to venture into uncharted waters, this is particularly important when diving in lakes or at sea.

Jump Point
Make sure that the jump location is firm and stable. Make sure you safely do a runup for the jump.

Especially make sure that the ground is free of obstructions. Your first jump from a height, requires you by law you to have a coach or a diving professional.

Preparation is all. This applies to beginners or inexperienced Splash Divers : If in doubt Do not do it ! Do not try it ! Few Splash Divers are true PROS . Only a splashdiver with years of experience, many competitions and often many shows can call themselves a true SPLASHDIVING professional.

Each stunt that you have seen so far, was very well prepared. Should you have an idea for a stunt, get in touch with Oliver Schill or Christian Guth .

Start up
Always practice for long periods and at low height. Go to the next level only when you feel safe.

Take care
Carelessness can be fatal . Always be minimum 2 people when visiting unfamiliar territory or waters.

The person with the greater experience takes over the function as leader. The other is the vigilant follower. Always have a cell phone handy in case an accidents.  More details of the Leader & Follower principle can be found under the heading LEADER & FOLLOWER.

SPLASHDIVING is and remains a sport .
Each sport has sports injuries. Sprains or strains from falls ect. Comparatively SPLASHDIVING is quite harmless. Cycling is far more dangerous.

We look back on thousands of jumps in Splash Divers . In the first 10 years we had barely exerienced any sports injuries ( sprains and bruises ect. ). You have to take precautions when it comes to sports injuries in SPLASHDIVIN. The most important thing in SPLASHDIVIN, is to know your own limits. Learn all the basics before you tackle complex jumps and landing positions. Start jumping from a low height .

Seek out a coach who improves your technique when jumping . Build a training regime that is useful. Start at low heights and study your  take off movements. Then go to the next level . Use aids like: trampolines, foam pits , mats etc.
We usually start jumping in the center of the pool . Practice the jumps on a trampoline.  Familierize yourself with the size of the pool! Every pool varies in size!
Keep to the edge of the pool with a minimum distance of 1 meter. Do not give it your all in the first jumps when starting from the Tower or board. Make sure you have a non-slip run up. Use a towel if neccessary. Accidents can happen when performing somersaults and twists and executing jupms. In situations like these a Splash Divers has to be careful.

Bayreuth / Germany. In the summer of 2003, the founder of SPLASHDIVING, Oliver Schill, sat in the beer garden (Herzogkeller). “I have been wanting to change how pool bombing  is viewed by people worldwide”.

“The whole idea of this structure came to me in this moment,” said Oliver Schill in an interview. He said goodbye to his friends at the pub and went home. He wrote through the night and developed the concept that is now known as SPLASHDIVING.

The next day he went to the PECKLAMAN CUP 2003 at Bayreuth swimming pool. On the same weekend he also had a premonition to arrange his first competition in Arschbomben (pool bombing).  Promotions were set in motion in the city. Radio stations, newspapers and local television enthusiastically reported about the upcoming event.
On the day of the event about 6,500 visitors attended. The press coverage was enormous compared to the size of the competition. Michael Schmidt from Bayreuth, was one of the winners.

The subsequent events that Oliver Schill developed were called ” ARSCHBOMBE (BOMB ASS) – THE WORLD CUP 2004″. Since the winter of 2003/2004 until now he has taken a back seat and has been working behind the scenes.

The World Cup 2004 also enjoyed huge media success. Since then the number of television stations reporting on subsequent events, have grown substantially.
The international press had an issue with the name BOMB ASS, for obvious reasons. A change of name was needed.

The name for the sport and trademark was to be SPLASHDIVING. Oliver Schill refined the whole concept and has built up a country wide fun sport with an apt and fitting Name.

Children and young people who come into contact with drugs and combine this with our Sport are not welcome.
Already at the SPLASHDIVING WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP 2007, we had taken the issue seriously and introduced a doping test at  competitions. This year we have begun to take the issue of addiction prevention seriously.
Drugs destroy your life and your body !! – Drugs brings your mood down – not up !! –
Better NEVER to start !! – Get in touch with us, should you find out if anyone is dealing with drugs.
We at SPLASHDIVING promote and support the statement: NO POWER TO DRUGS!!

Every new SPLASHDIVER must be aware that sports injuries can occur. SPLASHDIVING INTERNATIONAL and all SPLASHDIVING COUNTRY MANAGER expressly point out that any participation in SPLASHDIVING competitions, events and trainings ALWAYS are at your own risk . You assume personally responsibility of the potential risks of your jumps and actions.

If you are not yet of legal age, then speak with a parent or legal guardian of the potential dangers of the sport. SPLASHDIVING with its SPLASH DOWNS and freestyle acrobatics is a safe sport when using correct and proper techniques . When established safety procedures are not followed, the risk is increased.  Remember to jump safely. Your breathing and your circulation must be normal and healthy. People with heart disease, acute colds, digestive problems, epilepsy or other serious health problems, use of alcohol and drugs may not jump.
If you suffer from asthma, chronic disease or if you are taking medication regularly, you should see a doctor. It is important that the bones of your body be intact. Any disease must be declared so that we are aware of it. If you have any questions about this statement or would like to get in contact with the parents or legal guardians of SPLASHDIVERS see our contact details.


Be part of the movement and understand the total world of Splashdiving.

Immerse yourself in the large, fascinating and spectacular world of SPLASHDIVING. Discover your options and find out where your strengths lie. All SPLASH DIVERS work on their own performance. Develop and broaden your personality with SPLASHDIVING. You can discover so much about yourself with SPLASHDIVING.
“BeSomeBody” is a phrase that applies throughout  SPLASHDIVING. The guiding principle is to help you find your personal strengths and expand.
“SPLASHDIVING – BeSomebody” gives you belief in yourself:

– Do what you always wanted to do
– Always be strong and let yourself be guided by your goals
– Become the one you always wanted to be
– Get to the finish
– Enjoy the target

Come on board and be part of SPLASHDIVING.

Come onboard and meet new friends. Worldwide. SPLASHDIVING makes this possible. Whether in the pool or on Facebook. Whether traveling or at a SPLASHDIVING event.

SPLASHDIVING is a platform where you can get to know many different types of people.  Many new friendships have flourished since the beginning of SPLASHDIVING.
You will meet all nations, all religions, diverse individuals. Meet for training again and again for strengthened friendships.

Follow SPLASHDIVING at different pools, whenever you’re on the diving board, you come in contact with Splash Divers. For SPLASHDIVERS it is easy to strike up a conversation when at the pool or at the sea.

Everyone knows it, everyone loves: The BOMB ASS. And almost everyone has already made. In every country, in every city and in every bathroom.
In the following we call you the names of the ASS BOMB in any language:

BOMB ASS = Germany
Common phrase heard in Germany by the youth.

Not to be confused with the forbidden road race

POOL BOMBING = United Kingdom
Known and loved

Sounds like a challenge – it is!

Directly translated meaning SPLASHDIVING

Like Köttbollar, only without Köttbollar, but with just Kannonbollar.

Many pioneers and visionaries at the beginning of the 21st century, helped to gain recognition and acceptance for SPLASHDIVING as a sport.

SPLASHDIVING is an art and culture all in one. When a Splash Diver at high speed collides with the water surface, a giant water fountain is created, a seemingly physical impossibility. Young and old come together to exchange ideas. Long-forgotten stories begin to come alive.

SPLASHDIVING, is experienced across generations and nations  in a very pleasant way, with it’s playfulness and openness . Splash Divers love the cultural diversity in communities, and they love  being able to travel for the sport’s sake. With the worldwide interest in SPLASHDIVING, we have had many nations join us in the last 10 years: Americans, Australians, Japanese and most of the European countries all meet in SPLASHDIVING. Meet like-minded people and realize that  the “cannonball” is also available in your country.

The name SPLASHDIVING is a perfect example of the name describing the action – in outdoor pools or in lakes. We travel and are always on the move. SPLASHDIVING is no longer just a sport. It has become more than just a jump from a tower or a board. If you ask a Splash Diver what makes this sport great, you always hear how much fun it is.

The SPLASHDIVING-community attracts more and more people because of it’s easy and carefree fun factor.

The lifestyle, the passion and the fun factor of the sport is fundamental to our scene. Hip, trendy and modern – this is a good description of the lifestyle of Splash Divers. Splash Divers are very athletic and lively. Reporters have been asking us for years if SPLASHDIVING will become a part of the Olympics.  We always smile and respond that of course it would give SPLASHDIVING international recognition as a sport, but currently it does not fit the “Olympic format”.

SPLASHDIVING is a cool, colourful show, with an amazing atmosphere to match.

SPLASHDIVING is a fashion and lifestyle sport, and will stay this way as long as it is not governed by associations and lobbies. We make sure that we don’t lose the soul of the sport.
Staying true to the lifestyle, the passion and the fun factor of the sport, is the fundamental value of our scene.

The entertainment value of SPLASHDIVING draws the audience to the edge of the pool. SPLASHDIVING shows boost activity in pools in the city.
TV stations broadcasting entertainment shows build the theme into their live shows. Lifestyle-oriented companies use SPLASHDIVING for their advertising campaigns. All in all, it has become a cheerful entertainment factor in these turbulent times.

Here are seven reasons why SPLASHDIVING is so entertaining:

1. SPLASHDIVING has a simple design, is exciting and easy to understand

2. SPLASHDIVING surprises the audience again and again

3. SPLASHDIVING is pure passion and a lifestyle

4. SPLASHDIVING provides a wealth of new information

5. SPLASHDIVING creates an inter-generational communication

6. SPLASHDIVING is a show, regardless of whether it’s a training event or a competition

7. SPLASHDIVING gives every athlete a lot of fun and happiness by doing the sport

It is a very exciting phenomenon: There’s tension in the air whenever someone goes to the tower, stands and prepares to jump. The anticipation is great, for we all want to know how the diver is going to  complete the jump!

Kids begin to jump from the pools edge. They all love to make a cannonball. They lose track of time as they have fun. Again and again they do the good old Cannonball.
Adults alike go on the 10-meter tower and try it out: the cannonball. Partly because you want to impress friends and acquaintances, but partly just because one is curious to know if one can still do it.

There are many SPLASHDIVING coaches and crew, so you can practice under professional supervision. Trial lessons in SPLASHDIVING are available.
We advise parents and beginners to register with one of the numerous SPLASHDIVING-teams.
More information about a trial lesson, please send us an E-Mail:

splashdiving (at)

The SPLASHDIVING JAM’s are flashmobs where a large group of individuals meet via Facebook or Whatsapp at a specific pool.

Everyone pays the usual entrance and the JAM’s occur with short notice. They meet at the diving platform,  then start a bold show. The more the merrier.

Even done in the winter months the SPLASHDIVING JAM is a fun solution for the weekend. These events are spontaneous and you can learn a lot through spontaneous Action.

Cool Mucke can be heard as well as videos depicting the Splash Diver.  The package sets the scene to fast music.

Dubstep, Reggae, Drum and Base, Rap, Hip Hop, Electro & EBM, Indie Punk.

With growing popularity of the sport, the music industry got the idea of composing their own songs about SPLASHDIVING.

Identify the interpretation of SPLASHDIVING the band LAKASA – “Splash & Dive”, the attempt of Bifi-Wonder entitled “Big Bada Boom” and the version of Final Virus, titled “Flying”.

At the SPLASHDIVING events you can hear current songs from the charts.
In coming SPLASHDIVING events in England and the endeavor of Ingolf Gibbs (SPLASHDIVING Country Manager UK) to lead the English.

The British music is characterized by its diversity and has numerous musical genres that are downright awesome for SPLASHDIVING.


From Hamburg -Munich – Berlin – Cologne.

From Rome to Largo die Garda.

From Patna to New Delhi:

Here you will find in the future POOLS where you can always splash’n …

There are so many pools , which are suitable for SPLASHDIVING . At this point only the best venues have been put together with a jump height of 10 meters for you.

And outdoor the same: Everywhre you have possibilitys!

The Clown Diving is a sophisticated show, which has been specially developed by Splash Diving International, to dive into a stunning as well witty pleasure. The Clown Diving we show by famous artists in Splashdiving but also art jumpers commanded.

We tell a story that is suitable for the whole family.

It’s sad but true : the last 20 years have not seen new ideas for shows in leisure facilities as in the last 10 years we have preformed with SPLASHDIVING  offering our various SPLASHDIVING shows. We see time and time again that offering this type of activity attracts spectators in droves. SPLASHDIVING provides the highlight here. Look out for massages on Facebook and other social media. Often the so-called short SPLASHDIVING JAM’s are offerd here on this website. Just turn up.

An athlete shows in a playful kind of way movements from the side of the pool or from other heights (1, 3, 5, 7.5, 10 metres or even higher). The spectators are the public, fans and even colleagues from diving.

It is important to try to create a large water fountain and to perform real freaky movements just before the splashdown. Here you can often see some very abstract dives with somersaults and twists. Often the diver doesn’t know yet which dive and move he will show. The amount of somersaults and twist are often a coincidence.

The interest TV station have in SPLASHDIVING is persistently good and equally we can say that SPLASHDIVING in the media benifits the local comunity. Major events such as the SPLASHDIVING WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP increase demand.

We keep being part of TV shows. Steadily growing audience presence at all SPLASHDIVING shows.

The choreography is structured for the medium of television. Usually a general rehearsal includung interviews etc. will take place prior to the actual TV shows.


You have to seperate the fact from the fiction. It is obviously one has be careful in the pool! This sport is not without risk?

You will find waterproof knowledge  observing swimming and bathing rules. We experience in SPLASHDIVING that the facts of even the simplest of stories are twisted.


Fiction: intestines hanging out from the stomach with jumps from the 10 meter tower belly flop as abdomen was torn.
Fact : But the fact is that we have never seen an open abdomen. A belly flop from 1 meter is harmless.

First aid could be needed when someone who has made a 10 meters belly flop.

Coming soon, more bathing facts or fiction.